PRIDE shafting america?

Pride has been saying that they're going to hold a show in America for some time now. They even held Pride qualifiers there recently. At the NYE show Takada again announced they coming to america.

But I've just read on another message board that Pride will be broadcast on free tv in Korea, and the autumn show is also planned to be held in Korea.

I don't blame Pride for not going to the u.s. though. The MMA market is MUCH more profitable in Korea.

Pride isn't shafting America, they're being shafted by whoever is handling their business in America.

Really: they're copying ZUFFA for god's sake. The Japanese shows and production, even on Japanese TV, just blow the UFC away. Yet on US PPV, we get this ECW type low budget crap that really makes it look like crap.

Oh, and they got their OWN BAND TOO. Wow. That's worked so good for Zuffa.

I don't understand that either, Linkage. The Japanese TV/PPV broadcasts have such high production values, it's amazing. And the US PPV's look like it was edited in some high school kid's basement.

I agree and its a problem they should adress. Some of the editing done on the american shows is terrible.

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"I don't understand that either, Linkage. The Japanese TV/PPV broadcasts have such high production values, it's amazing. And the US PPV's look like it was edited in some high school kid's basement. "

If you ever see the full Japanese broadcasts, a lot of what they cut from the US PPV are the long and elaborate entrances and intros. In fact the Heavyweight GP Final last year had a pretty cool intro video with long intro by Takada in the ring... completely cut from the US PPV along with a lot of the fighter walkups.

My guess is that there's more of a need to edit for time to fit the 3hr time slot or something.

What don't you all like about the US PPV editing? The only one I noticed being poor was the NYE show, and that was just because they had to cram all those fights in. I've seen some of the Japanese broadcasts and didn't notice much difference (I'm not the pickiest guy, though).

Korea is a bigger market for MMA than North America. Believe it because it is true.

Denis Kang=hero in Korea

overnight korea became the second biggest mma market in the world?

and lol @ dennis kang being a national hero of korea

jacktripper give MMA as much time that it has been in the NA market and yes it will be bigger. Denis Kang is big in Korea and has done TV commericals(Everlast) and such.

Denis is bigger in Korea than any MMA athlete here in NA.

believe it, Korea is a HUGE MMA market now....

LOL at all the goofs impressed by bright lights and shiny objects. The UFC looks like an HBO boxing broadcast, and this is a good thing. This is a sport we're trying to promote here, not pro wrestling. The focus should be on the fights and the fights alone.

"Korea is a bigger market for MMA than North America"

bold statement but i dont believe for a moment korea is a bigger market than "north america" (think about it for a few seconds)

maybe kang is more well known than any other mma fighter in korea (i doubt it) but thats very different from saying he is a hero of korea

were getting a LITTLE bit carried away here guys

jacktripper I'm not getting carried away here. Why do you think PRIDE is catering to the Korean market? Because PRIDE is noterious for making bad business decisions??!? Not quite. PRIDE is airing their shows on "FREE" TV. Is this being done in our backyard....only if you count tape delay...and that isn't quite cutting it.

Face it, MMA in NA is not big and has a long hard road before it becomes "mainstream". Half naked guys laying on each other and fighting in a cage does not appeal to the NA market.

Kang is big to the Korean MMA fans. They love him. I have talked to him about this and he has shown me the freaking e-mails he gets from them. He has done an Everlast TV commmericial. That is big IMO.

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'The UFC looks like an HBO boxing broadcast'


It's all in the timing...

PRIDE will hit America. It is inevitable.

If you think in gross numbers of citizens, US is of course bigger than Korea in terms of "market"

But the reality is, the "market" is how many people in that population are going to watch the show

My in-laws, without an exception, watch both K-1 and Pride. When I was visiting not that long ago, the major papers all had FULL PAGE, one had a two full pages, of upcoming pride coverage.

Can you imagine opening up the NY Times and seeing a full page devoted to the next UFC?

Wrestling is the older generations most beloved sport. My wife's grandmother watched it religiously.

Taekwondo is the official national sport

Judo/Yudo is HUGE.

Most men, because of military service, have done either Judo or Taekwondo.

Kyooktooki (basicly shootboxing) is now the nightly attraction at the hippist night club in downtown Seoul

lkfmdc is correct. We aren't making a slight of the NA market just the facts of the case.