pride spoiler

WTF Randleman ko'ed cro cop. Dropped him with a left hook then g 'n' p for the KO. Ogawa drops Leko with a right straight and finishes with a head arm choke. Whats going on??? K-1 guys getting dropped by a wrestler and a judoka. damn it 0-2 for the croatians.

oh yer, sergie karitov def. ninja by ko. giant 'crazy legs' silva def. sentoryu by kimura??? heath herring ko'ed takaheshi yoshiki punches from guard.semmy schilt arm barred gan mcgee. yokoi vs nogueria coming up next. Go yokoi!!! pic of cro cop and randleman

damn it nogueira guillotined/ head arm choked yokoi! pic of the choke.
sounds like an awesome fight though. coleman vs. fedor next.

fedor arm bars coleman from guard.

pridecast was heaps good. allready got vids of randleman KO :D

clip of randleman is off the chain!

I've seen Randleman's KO, Fedor's armbar and Mino's choke.

God bless the internet :)

I was there baby!!!! and that left hook by Randleman was a killer. fedor's armbar was textbook and awesome!

- Juggs

Amazing how much damage you can do in 2 seconds..Crocop would have woken up sore from that..

check out the clip here