Pride style hwt boxing tournament


"George Foreman was at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan on Monday announcing a special one-night elimination tournament featuring eight world class heavyweights, who will battle each other in three fights of four rounds each in one exciting evening...for $5 million dollars! The event is expected to be held at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia in October or November. The pay-per-view event has signed heavyweights O'Neil Bell, Shannon Briggs, Chris Byrd, Steve Cunningham, Alexander Dimitrenko, Ty Fields and Samuel Peter. An eighth spot is open and top-rated heavyweights are invited to contact the promoter. A second show is planned in Manhattan in May, 2007, featuring eight world-rated middleweights.

Foreman, who will be joining broadcast partner Colonel Bob Sheridan at ringside, said at the announcement, "Everybody says boxing needs something... (the tournament) is a chance to do something different." Foreman later joked, "I would have beat Muhammad (Ali) if it had been four rounds."

The show will introduce a new scoring system, call time for instant replays and use eight high-definition cameras to capture the action for the pay-per-view audience. (More to follow.)"

for the $5 million prize I would have thought they could have gotten some more big names, but then again it is "winner takes all".

also "call time for instant replays". WTF??

Tye Fields and Steve Cunningham don't deserve to be in there. Lamon Brewster would be a good addition if they could get him.

havokk_15, You didn't post the best part.

This is MMA rules

"They did this already like 5 years ago, the event played out to be complete shit. Almost all the fights went to a decision."

yeah, that was the Thunderbox tournament. The talent in this one looks much better though. The only names I remember from the Thunderbox tournament are Jeremy Williams, Mo Harris, and Tim Witherspoon.