Pride sucked!

I'm I the only one that was not impressed with Pride USA. I normally love pride shows but the limited rules made for lack luster GnP. The fights were either very one sided or not very exciting. Lawler's fight was the highlight.

Fedor Coleman was not very exciting.
Shogun Randleman sucked.
Vitor Hendo sucked I couldn't even watch the whole fight, I almost feinted from boredom.
Barnet Pawel sucked.

Baroni's fight was good.
I didn't see Nakamura.

Nothing against pride on a whole, I just think they had a bad night with bad rules.

i think Nakamura's was probably the fight of the night.

I enjoyed it ! Give them time for improvement.

How the hell did you not like Hendo and Vitor??? That was an awesoem technical fight.

I enjoyed the show.

Pride USA is the best thing that's happened to MMA in the USA in a while.

The competition is going to cause the UFC to step up and improve their product. Of course Pride will also.

Competition is good for the sport. And isn't that what the sport is all about afterall?

trig was getting on my fucking nerves he and that other douche Trig and his wrestler nut hugging.

"I normally love pride shows but the limited rules made for lack luster GnP."

The problem is not the rules, it's the matchups. Competitive matchups among competent fighters (not to many years off their prime) always make good fights no matter what kind of mma rules are applied.

herb dean as a reff, the lack of knees and kicks to ground opponent, and vitor being another dissapointment, and mark coleman bringing his kids into the ring after he got his ass kicked, and by all means fire that female ring announcer - she gives me a head ache if i had a revolver id shoot the tv screen everytime she talks. other than that : good fights! good showing! japan is a better place to have them though

i enjoyed the show...

"great show.. you aren't a real fan of MMA if you thought that show sucked, imo."

Your opinion would be wrong.

Vitor barely fought Hendo back. He looked to be in terrible shape. Horrible fight. It was a great fight if you like to see a once great fighter fight extremely below his actual potential.

Coleman fought like shit. Barnett also fought like shit, why go clinch with the Judo man. They hugged for most of the fight. Why the fuck would you go play to the Judo guy's strength and give him the only chance in hell to actually score points. Boring as shit.

I dunno bout all that. I thought it was a pretty good show.

40 minutes of fighting in a 4 hour show, Doesn't sound all that mind blowing to me. Now if you are a big fan of ring girls holding Best Buy cards and replays of bad fights you just watched moments ago then this was the show for you.

I hope Pride stays in Japan
This was the worst Pride show in years

pride usa is just ufc minus elbows -- sux

pride japan is pride usa plus knees/kicks on the ground -- better than ufc

why dont they have pride usa at mohegan sun or another indian reservation, or in birmingham like the old seg ufc, where they can keep the japanese rules

Yes, Fedor Coleman was boring. The fight wasn't even competitive.

Gomi would have been more of a challenge.

I liked the show. Vitor Hendo was a good fight. Barnett's fight was good. I was really impressed with Rua and how easily he beat Randleman.

I would agree it wasn't an par with most pride cards but it was not that bad and was on par with the UFCs of late.

full respect to pride

You guys are idiots.

It was a fine debut / showcase for Pride

I wish they would allow knees and kicks to the head of a downed fighter. That would have lit a fire under vitor's ass while on the ground. As long as they stay in Vegas, howver, I don't think that will change.

And to sound like a broken record, I don't understand why the yellow card no longer effects the fighter's purse. That was the greatest tool a ref had.

I didn't hear it though but did the criteria for winning the JD change (I know they were using a 10 pt system). Was it still based on effort to finish, damage, ring control, etc. like a normal Pride fight?

"herb dean as a reff"

At least they had the best ref!