Pride US rules?

With Pride coming to the US in October, are the rules and regs going to be the same? Anyone have any information on this? Fights being judge the same? Is it sponsored by the NSAC?

what is the card btw?

The card is two fights where the winner is obvious, and TBA is fighting about 6 different guys.

ugh watered down pride yay! wtf! Boo shit as wallid would say.

I prefer Pride rules, but I have to say, the only Pride rule that I will truly miss is no needs on the ground or in the 4 point position. Soccer kicks etc aren't really necessary, although they are fun.

I'm glad they have no elbows, and I don't know why some were surprised they won't have them in North America.

Will the NSAC let Pride fight in a ring?

A ring has ALWAYS been allowed in Nevada.

This is true but the excitement of Vanderlei stomping the shit out of someone on US soil is gone

PRIDE will be using a ring, which has always been allowed under our MMA rules.

PRIDE has requested the prohibition of elbow strikes.

I will be drug-testing PRIDE fighters in the same manner as other Nevada licensees.


No elbows. Find that interesting.

Pride rules = IFL rules = UFC w/o elbows