Pride vs UFC finally over!

Anyone notice the lack of Pride vs UFC or UFC sucks threads. Man this place has gotten so much better lately. Thank God.

I gotta agree.

The trolls are still out there but they took a major blow when Fertitta's bought Pride FC.

The acquisition was one of the best things that could happened for


i found the whole. Pride is better/ UFC is better conversations childish.

You guys are right. Zuffa bought Pride and will be replacing it with Dana White's reality tv show called "I'm The Fucking Boss"


Yep, Ruledogg is correct.

yeah now every thread will be Pro Dana or Anti Dana threads...

cause now we're going to get to see the UFC vs PRIDE matchups

Noticed you left out PRIDE sucks threads. Wonder why.

lack of viable competition is great for the fans, questionable for the sport, and horrible for the fighters. Paydays will remain static for the forseeable future, even if PPV buys continue to increase. MMA fighters will never make the big time boxing money under the current system.

The END!

Hopefully no more Frank Trigg!

Definitely less nonsense from the Pride trolls, lately.

no fireworks at the like shows and bs intros...

oh,no more frank trigg also...