Pride VS UFC in 15 Minutes!!!!!!!!

9:00 PM EST..........Head To Head

FSN: Pride Fighting Championships

SpikeTV: UFC Unleashed

Let's Get It ON!!!!

Fight 1....Cro Cop VS Volvchanchyn

Fight 2.....Fedor VS Fujita

Fight 3.....Rampage Jackson VS Chuck Liddell

(I think we all knew they were gonna show this one)

It makes sense because UFCs LHW champion got totally dismantled in that fight by a fighter who then got totally demolished by their LHW champion.

Sadly Pride loses big time in this battle BECAUSE THEY TOOK OUT THE GOOD PARTS!!!

I am glad I didnt have anyone over to watch these.

Cutting out the GnP was plain retarded. You're left wondering why the eff the corner threw in the towel, and there's no explanation. I guess this is because, as Dana said long ago, the network leeriness of ground fighting was not so much because of the "boring" aspect of grappling but because of the "brutal" aspect of hitting a man when he's down.

i dont think they stopped doing business with fsn,they showed the old horn chuck fight