Pride vs UFC Wish Thread

What would your ultimate Pride vs UFC Card look like? 8 fights, modified rules (pride ring, ufc rounds and scoring, elbows & stomps both legal) ... yes i know its just a fanboy thing - but it might be fun just to see what matchups other people want to see

Co-Main Events:

Fedor v Crocop 2 - The first fight was great and i think that it is an even better match up now


Wand. Silva v Chuck - The long awaited match-up. classic attack striker vs the counter puncher.

Main Card

Gomi v Penn 2

Filho v A Sliva - Aren't they both BTT? who cares this is fantasy anway

Nog v Vera - An interesting matchup btwn 2 well rounded fighters. obviously Nog is more experienced, but i like how it looks on paper.

Shogun v Tito - would be really interesting when it got to the ground.

Kawajiri v Sherk - I think Kawajiri matchesup really well with sherk and would really force the action. def wouldnt be a boring match.

Kang v Franklin - have wanted to see this for about a year now. who knows


Wand V Tito

Babalu v Arona or Shogun 2nd time.

Crocop v Fedor

Sylvia v Nog

Lil Nog v Tito, Babalu, Chuck...anybody

Fihlo v Lister

Hendo v Franklin

A Silva V Kang

Penn v Melendez

Gomi v GSP or Hughes.

edit - gonzaga vs big nog or barnett would also be entertaining as hell