Pride vs UFC

In another forum someone asked about the difference between Pride and UFC. I mentioned among other things that in general the level of talent in Pride is much greater than that of UFC (though I acknowledge that some of the top level UFC fighters could be competitive in Pride). After watching both for some many years, I can barely explain the specific reasons for why this is true, I just know the quality of technique, athelitism, and experience I see in the average Pride fight vs UFC.

My question is does anyone here doubt that?

Post which organization you think has a higher average level of talent.

I think the HEAVYWEIGHT division in Pride is better, but other than that, I think the UFC has the better overall talent. Now I also think Prides 160 lb division is better than the UFC's 155. MMAWeekly has the UFC champ #1 in every division but heavyweight.

Aside from the heavyweight division (which is Pride's main focus), the level of talent is roughly the same and both have their fair share of top level fighters. The UFC has quite a few mid-level fighters who fight for peanuts in hope of a bigger payday down the road on their roster. On the other hand, Pride occasionally features clowns, who are basically used for their appearance and/or pro wrestling background, and would get the UFC in serious trouble with the athletic commissions.

Those rankings are interesting, despite seeing UFC at the top in HW/MW/WW there seem to be a lot more names from Pride in the top 10. With the exception of WW, which seems to be the only 'thick' division for UFC.

Also I agree with Pride being a little more willing to go the freak show route...

UFC is a B-Level organization.

Pride FC, Hero's, and K-1 all have more talented athletes, imo.

UFC has Liddell, Ortiz, Babalu, Anderson Silva, Franklin, Hughes, BJ Penn, GSP, Arlovski. That's pretty much it as far as top ten ranked.

Pride FC has Fedor, Cro Cop, Mino, Barnett, Alistair, Silva, Arona, Hendo, Belfort, Gomi, Aureilo, Baroni, Misaski, Sakurai, Coleman, Randleman, Shogun, the list just goes on and on and on........

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Um other than the heavyweight division UFC has far superior talent. Especially in the lighter weights. NOBODY in Pride could touch Hughes, Penn, or GSP. Before they did away with the lightweight division the 155's had the most talent of any division in the UFC and I imagine when they really get going again it will be the same thing.

I also think that with Brandon Vera, Jeff Monson, Arvlovski, and Pe De Pano the gap in the heavyweight division may be closing. There are a lot of people for Sylvia to fight. I am not saying they heavies in the UFC are even close to Prides, but the gap is closing. Other than the top 3 in Pride there is not much Pride has that the UFC does not. Yes Fedor, Nog, and Cro Cop would all beat the UFC heavies, but I think they are #1,2,and 3, with the UFC guys right behind them. Who other than the top 3 in Pride could come over here and beat the top heavies in the UFC?


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