Pride walk in music

who is that song by?> Please help...thx

PRIDE homey.

According to a Google search that led me to, a reviewer says it was "Stephen Quadros along with Maurice Smith and Bas Rutten."

Love the fact that stun gun uses the theme as entrance music.Pity he got destroyed by Condit. He is a solo guitarist!! you think someone who plays guitar like this is gonna stick to bullshit rhythm?!? Myles playes rhythm in alter bridge....whilst mr tremonti well and truly solos his heart out!! Hope he will come back a lot stronger because it would be great to hear the PRIDE theme before a titlefight against GSP. If you only liked one then youre not a real mma? fan...There's entertaining fights in all the organisations...But if you want to see the best in the world fight its in the UFC...and partially the Heavyweight Division in Strikeforce....Loved PrideFC though, at times it was a freak show and alot of mismatches but thats what made it entertaining..not to mention you could soccer kick a guy in the head while he's down.

LOL @ PRIDE acoustic. Awesome!