PRIDE WW GP Fights Announced

The first two fights have been officially announced for the 16-man GP:

-Ryo Chonan vs Joey Villasenor

-Makoto Takimoto vs Gerard Mousasi

Both Villasenor and Mousassi make their highly anticipated PRIDE debuts. Chonan/Villasenor is going to be a great fight and I expect Mousasi to run over Takimoto.

Furthermore, 10 additional fighters have been officially announced for the WW GP:

-Paulo Filho

-Murilo Bustamante

-Denis Kang

-Phil Baroni

-Murilo Ninja

-Akihiro Gono

-Amar Suloev

-Kazuo Misaki

-Hector Lombard

-Yoon Dong Sik

This tournament is going to be great. I'm happy to see the Lombard signing official.

no YUKI KONDO?!?!?!?!!?

that's a joke. Yuki needs to redeem himself.

i think matt lindland would make a good american entry. no affiliation to hinder his entry currently.

There's 14 fighters officially anounced, meaning that two slots are still available.

One is probably reserved for the champ, Dan Henderson. Who knows who the other will be?

My pick to win is Denis Kang.

WARRR Kang! Canoreans represent!

Easy pick to win the whole thing is Filho.

Personally I want Kondo to win if he's in.

Kang hasn't been seriously tested yet but he looks to be good. Could be the darkhorse.

I can't wait to here people feebly try to hype up the UFC and say it's better than Pride after this...

"I can't wait to here people feebly try to hype up the UFC and say it's better than Pride after this... "

The best way is just to ignore these chumps.

UFC is gaining but is still light years behind.

No use to feed the troll.

French fighter Gregory Bouchelaghem has been contacted by Pride and is supposed to take up one of the remaining slots.

Gregory has a 90 second RNC win over Mark Weir and a decision win over Semenov. His most recent fight was a controversial decision loss against Jucao in WCFC.


Wow, that's a stacked line up!

Great to see Lombard and Villasenor in the big show, both are fully deserving and extremely talented!

Pride (Bushido)truly is the world cup of MMA. Nice selection of fighters from around the world

That's Joey Villasenor. Is that just two strands of hair hanging down strangely, or does he have horns tattooed on his forehead??

If Hendo is in, I hope the last fighter in is Lindland.

My pick to win it all is Bustamante.

"Pride (Bushido)truly is the world cup of MMA. Nice selection of fighters
from around the world"

nicely put.... looking forward for the match-ups



"No shit.. Hector Lombard is in???

I wonder if PRIDE won the ebay auction. I want to see Hector fight Filho."

Nobody bid on the ebay auction. The opening bid was a 3-fight deal for $150,000.

What happened is that a few days ago Lombard signed a contract with J-Rock, the same team that also has Yoshida Nakamura, and other high profile Judokas. As a result of this transaction, Lombard is now in the PRIDE GP.

Was 125K us for 3, no sale on ebay BUT he has signed with Pride longterm.

He is a superb addition to the GP and will be a great asset to Yoshida Dojo and Pride.

I am confident that the excitement he brings to the ring will please most.


Hey Justin. Some guys who train with Hector now have nothing but good things to say about him! I'm well excited to see him in the ring!

now?? as in Japan?? I was at Yoshida's with him and everyone there has the utmost confidence in his abilties.

So happy to see that our efforts ended with entry in the GP. No easy matches there though!!!

Can't wait for R1 on June 4.


Yip, now, as in Japan :-D