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Just wanted to let u guys know what's up with PrideCast. As some of u might have noticed, I haven't posted any information lately, and there's a good reason for this. Following the last PrideCast we received a legal letter from DSE. We have no plans to go head to head with DSE, as this would be a futile effort -- DSE having a hell of a lot more money than us and a army of lawyers.

From the beginning of PrideCast, we felt we were helping the sport in our own little way. We agreed that we would stop if we or DSE ever felt we were hurting Pride in any form or fashion.

We will not be doing anymore PrideCasts in the future. We would like to thank you for the support you guys have given us in the past.

We ask that you DO NOT contact DSE on our behalf, as this would only complicate matters and make them worse.

We, or rather OsakaWilson, started PrideCast as a means to share our love of MMA with those of you that had to wait months for the PPV. Despite the fact that Pride started making PPV available earlier, we still grew in popularity, simply because there were hard core fans that wanted to know what was happening as it happened. PrideCast has never been about the money, because everything we did was for free. We did it for the love of the sport.

Despite PrideCast being a free service we did put a lot of time and effort into it. I really believe that we slowly got better with each event. We still had a long ways to go, but I think we did pretty good.

I know there was some confusion at the last PrideCast. I want to clarify for the record, there was no live video feed and there never was any live video feeds or even links in the history of PrideCast. We had strict rules that did not allow this. PrideCast was simply a bunch of guys who ordered PPV and gave an audio play-by-play of what we saw over the Internet.

Again, thank you for your past support. PrideCast has been officially retired, for lack of a better word.


Crap, You guys were/are the best. I'm very sorry to hear this go away.

Boo to the Yakuza!

In short, PrideCast received a nasty letter from DSE which seemed more of a personal attack rather than a legal stop and desist letter. They were under the false impression that we were providing a live video feed of Pride. Apparently there was a lot of confusion at the last PrideCast. We had many new members that were under the same impression. I believe it was this confusion and misunderstanding that caught DSE’s eye.

Legally speaking, we did not break any Japanese laws with our audio only PbP’s. However, since DSE feels we are hurting them, we will stop PrideCast. It has never been our intention to hurt DSE or MMA. We love the sport and felt we were helping out in our own little way. We have concluded that it is neither worth our time nor effort to try and enlighten DSE. It’s best to simply let PrideCast die.

We still remain hardcore fans of MMA but like most of you, we will just enjoy the PPV’s in private, without doing any PbP’s. Each member of PrideCast will continue with their respective personal and professional lives.

On a personal note, I will be attending the K-1 NYE event live. I have taken up amateur journalism as a hobby and will be covering the event for an Internet MMA magazine. I hope to have more interviews in the coming New Year -- focusing on Japanese Shooto fighters. I really want to help give them more exposure to English readers and fans. There’s a lot of Internet site rivalry, so I won’t post the name or link of the magazine in this thread. BUT if you’re interested, you can search my post history and find some more information. In the past I’ve given away free autographed pics. following my interviews and hope to continue doing that. IE … Bas Rutten, Ryan Bow, Mishima, Jutaro Nakao, and Takashi Nakakura.

On behalf of the now defunct PrideCast, thank you for your past support.


Thanks for the info Hody.... DSE (*)

man, that sucks

thanks anyways

Good luck in your journalism career.

Hody are you still fighting in Shooto?


I'm still training but not actively fighting at this time. I just don't have the passion or desire to fight. Regardless if I fight or not, I willl always train in some form or fashion.


Good luck with all of your future endeavors- I was a faithful listener (when I could stay awake) since the Coleman / Nog fight.