Pride's Deadliest KO's (Vid)

Awesome HL of Pride's deadliest KO's.  Enjoy


Who cares

Motion time to go back to the blue rules

Smac I got like three comments on that last HL I posted pro.  There some ungrateful blues out there.

What's the name of the first song?

Thanks motion, awesome vid!!!

That's the Pride Theme song...don't know the name.

The Gomi KO of Azeredo is one of the best KO's out there!

"who cares"

Um... MMA fans care. Why even bother posting if that's all you can come up with? Jebus this board sucks sometimes.

Thanks, I just downloaded the Pride theme song.

Seen it, but still a cool vid....

That vid had some awesome stuff. Lidell, Baroni, they even showed Crazy Horse, and of course the usual heavy hitters.

Thanks Motion this MMA fan enjoyed it alot.

No problem guys.  I actually got a shit ton of HL's so i'll keep on posting them.


Still amazes me that Nog survived that onslaught in the first fight with Fedor. His head must have been ringing for a month.





lol @ shamrock/otsuka being in there.

WoW, that was sweet, how can i download it??