Just wanted to hear your guys thoughts on pride and if they will be able to retain all thier free agents from going to K-1. I heard in another article K-1 is pissed at pride for taking guys like
Hunt and Crocop away, so they intend to fight back.

Data: 06 de Janeiro de 2005 - 11:20
After the New Year's Eve show, Pride will now have to worry about a bidding war with a few of their free agents. There are three major free agents Pride will want to sign, but the big question is whether K-1 will swoop in and have a bidding war to try to grab them.

The key free agents? Minotauro Noguiera, Vanderlei Silva and Hidehiko Yoshida. Yoshida coming off a loss to Rulon Gardner may not seem like a huge name for MMA fans in the States; however, he has been a decent ratings draw and both Japanese promotions know it.

Vanderlei Silva was so upset with the judges about losing the split decision to Mark Hunt that he has threatened to leave Pride for K-1. Don't look for Vanderlei to go anywhere as he is one of the franchise pieces for Pride.

Minotauro Noguiera has some decisions to make. The man he can't seem to conquer is Emelianenko. Fedor has Nogueira's number which makes people wonder what Minotauro will do regarding this situation.

Will Pride be able to sign all three free agents? Time will tell, but if they can't then the landscape could change quickly in MMA.