Prides terrible customer service

A close associate of mine bought tickets from the DSE pre-sale,his credit card was charged in full,he made travel arrangments to fly internationally to get to Pride in Vegas, got his hotel,took his girl. Prid eassured him his tickets would be at will-call.

everythings fine,good tims in vegas then he goes to the fights,to pick up his tickets and theres nothing under his name. nor his girls. they scan the credit cards and theres nothing that matchs. he misses the pride event

gets home and gets in contact with pride,and checks his credit card statements. he was charged in full, Pride tells him they will send hima full refund when he talked to them the tuesday after the fight card. theyve not refunded him yet and refuse toanswer his e-mails and phone calls.

for you FRAT crowd, Pride took this guys money and wont refund it nor even acknowledge him anymore

Gotta get that Fedor money from somewhere.

PRIDE USA is poorly managed. They need to get rid of everybody working there, including Jerry Millen.

i'd be supper pissed. I hope he can do a charge back.


The person who assured him he would get a refund was Hideki Yamamoto

by contrast, I ordered the UFC on demand PPV and it was terrible quality and unwatchable, I recieved a full refund within 12 hours of registering a complaint to zuffa about its quality.

Hows the boat? You still in the caribs?

Unfortunately the Japanese Yakuza aren't the most reputable people to do business with.

That sucks.



thanks dirt mcgirt

Contest the charge with the card company. If he did not sign for the tickets, I dont see how he can be charged for them.

I bought something with and they sent the wrong product and wouldn't pick it up. I just filed a greivance with American Express with them, and then 3 months later I got a letter stating that it had been taken off my card.


funny...i just talked to Joey and he has no idea about this...







wouldn't be the first time

ask me again T.Jay
call up and ask about rob in canada

how do you think Fedor gets paid?

hehehe...imp....why don't you get your own screenname "rob in Canada"...i guess you like the false "respect" you may get when people assume they are talking to "JoeyOddessa"..

oh and ya..TTT for justice

I had an issue where they lost my cc info after giving me confirmation#.I was uneasy when they again asked for my cc info almost a month after i ordered tickets but i talked to a lisa(works in the ca office i think) and she was amazingly friendly and gave me contact #'s for anything i had futher questions about.

I recieved my tickets on time no problem.Im def not saying their customer service is top shelf but i was satisfied w/ my transaction.

Why didnt rob from canada bring a a printed copy of his transaction.I flew in from s.c. and if i didnt have tickets in hand i def would have brought my confirmation.

Im not saying this is his fault but ive learned when you plan for an event like this you cant be too prepared.