"Priest" graphic novel/movie....

i saw a trailer for the upcoming movie...so i decided to look up the graphic novel.....
now, unless i found the wrong story...they look totally fucking different.....

did i get the search wrong or is this another hollywood hatchet job?

 I was excited when I saw they were making this movie until I saw the trailer. Looks like absolute shit!

The comics are fucking amazing and require a 3 part LOTR esque series of films to do it justice. 

Ivan Isaacs is supposed to be on horseback in an old west type world. Not in some post apocalyptic future  riding a motorcycle. 

They couldn't have fucked this up more if they tried. My soul is sad.

Read the comics if you get a chance. An anime movie is the only hope left for seeing a good adaptation. 

Here's the trailer, but I'm telling you, if you are a fan of the series and don't want to be consumed with rage, DO NOT WATCH.

 still fuming because the public library doesn't have the Priest comics

Is priest the garth ennis creation?

Saw the trailer about a month ago and thought it looked cool for an epic genre flick. Seemed like it had the kind of scale that the Judge Dredd movie should have. And lo and behold, who should turn up but Dredd himself!

I think you guys are confusing this movie with Preacher.

Nevermind, this movie is apparently based on a korean manga.

Liyon - Nevermind, this movie is apparently based on a korean manhwa.

 Fixed that for you.