Prime Karelin Today?

If Karelin trained with Fedor, how would he do today in the UFC?


He’s get popped by USADA 


With his wrestling and off the chart physical abilities if he started MMA as a 25 year old I'd expect him to be top 5 by the time he was 30. 


I mean he was great, not a Randy Savage but he was great.


Can he take a punch? Can he throw one? HW doesn't have a lot of room for error standing.

World destroyer 

He did have that "fight" against Maeda.

Would be a beast on the ground but idk how well he would have done with striking.

He would get popped by USADA before they even tested him.

Bobby Lupo - Can he take a punch? Can he throw one? HW doesn't have a lot of room for error standing.

Something tells me he can take a punch. He's a old school olympic wrestler from communist era Russia. I'm sure he's been in a few fights. 

-He'd be the most talented athlete to ever compete in MMA, followed most likely by James Toney, Herschel Walker, Yoel Romero, and Henry Cejudo.

-He would not pass USADA tests, but I think these conversations are never interesting if you stop there.

-We have no idea whether he could punch or take a punch.

This thread used to be good for a hundred posts back when that was a lot for a thread. 

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Bobby Lupo - Can he take a punch? Can he throw one? HW doesn't have a lot of room for error standing.

Boxed when he was a kid, so he'd probably be fundamentally sound. Plus he's Russian, so guessing he could take a punch.

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I saw him in person twice at the Tbilisi tournament in Soviet Georgia ... he was an absolutely terrifying physical specimen. Not sure about his picograms but I think with modern MMA training he could do whatever he wished in the octagon. 

If you have him a couple years with a good team and good coach, with his work ethic, I imagine his standup would be good enough to clinch ANYONE. But who knows. So many variables in modern day MMA.

Would have loved to see an MMA match between he and Lesnar. Wrestling though AK by tech. 

We saw what brock did with relatively little training, I think Karelin would be even better

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Greco guys seem to do very well in MMA so I would expect a lot of success for him.

I swear I remember an interview where he talked about not liking striking and not having an interest in mma because of that.

Think of Karelin as a better DC wit no body fat... Think this is a sound indication of how well he would do (though I'm not sure if he could get down to LHW).

Could he take a punch lol? Of course he fucking could. He would have fucking destroyed people in MMA if he committed to learning some BJJ and striking.