Primetime Jones vs Rashad on Fx right now!

Who all's watching this? Pretty good so far, I just feel bad for Rashad because Jones looks beyond prepared.

Also I don't think Jones will make another 3 fights at LHW after seeing his older brother and Jon has the same frame. I see Jones having to move to HW within a year or so.
He is going to overpower and ragdoll rashad.

member since 8/7/11: Rashad started fighting as a heavy weight..... and dominated totally!!!!

My third screen name. Started watching during the tito shamrock feud. The heavyweights he fought were in a much weaker division at the time. Still is other than the top guys.

You really picking Rashad? By what? grinding out a win on someone who has never been taken down? Or by knocking out someone Machida couldn't?

They don't show a lot of Rashad training.

look for rashad to control the tempo and distance. he's either in jones chest looking for that one punch flash KO or he puts Jones on his ass and grinds out a decision. Rashad will either have Jones pressed on the cage, on his back, or in is chest. If Jones can keep his distance, the fight will go down as everyone expects. I just don't see Rashad playing that game.

Rashad via 1st KO or he grinds it out for a decision.

Jones striking and demeanor is already awkward and seems to become more so if pressured. I think it's because @ Jacksons you train to escape and run/keep distance than cover;/counter in the pocket. I think Rashad wins via hand speed if he can stay in Jones chest, if not I see Rashad smothering Jones for a decision win.

Rashad aint 21-1 cause he's a chump.