Prince andrew off the epstein hook

Uh huh

I’m other words, the Prince found the Prince to be innocent


Like when Putin personally investigated the assassination of his political rival and concluded that he (Putin) was not to blame.


he actually had a condition where he was unable to sweat. i mean, what else do you need?

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Meanwhile the left and right are up in arms at each other about gas mower bans.

Fucking tired of the elite and wish them all death. Both sides. Fucking die.


He never committed a crime, she was age of consent in every sexual encounter they allegedly had and he had no role in trafficking her (if you believe that’s what happened) as that was Epstein who did that. No one has accused him of paying her directly or through Epstein or anyone else for the encounters.

I get that it may or may not have been immoral but where is the crime? Like what the fuck were the police in the UK supposed to keep pursuing?

Just in:
Prince Andrew never sweated it Because he knew he was never “on the hook.”

“ello guvnuh, tuppence in the poppets pooper?”

Prince Valiantly does not sweat: she was 14 at the time

sherlock holmes: well 14 is close to 16 in royal years, case dismissed

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When I googled it it said she was 17. Can you show me where it says she was 14? Not saying you’re lying just haven’t seen that anywhere.

It’s pathetic how Brits still allow the monarchy to exist. Cucks