Prince Hamed made for MMA

I think Prince Naseem Hamed was tailor made for MMA. He was a natural, think Genki Sudo + BJ Penn = Prince Naseem Hamed. He had BJ's natural punching power with Genki Sudo's unorthodox fighting style. He was great in Boxing and made big $$$ there but it would have been cool to see him fight MMA as well.

Hes also tailor made for the Nathans Hog Dog Eating Championship, which will be a more likely option at this point

A great boxer, with some sprawl and JJ training he could be great.

Do they even have a weight class he can fight in? Assuming he can get his fat ass down to "fighting weight" that is 126 - 130 lbs. 135 would be a big stretch for the Prince.

Prince Hamed is too busy stuffing his fat ass with pies to worry about fighting.

He looks like a tellytubby now, so I doubt he has the motivation to work off half his weight in fat to jump into a cage.

Isn't he in jail??

Nope... He's out now Larry.

I'm sure he must've bulked up from the throat yogurt he consumed in prison!!

Prince wouldnt be great why?

He keeps his hands down too much, and in MMA there are High leg kicks that will reach. He kept his hands down because he knew how to work the distance when someone is punching and counter punched well! When u have someone who head kicks you it will through off his counter attack.

Plus, No way he can learn how to sprawl agains the likes of sherk.

He could not fight Sherk. Sherk would have 30 lbs. plus on him at the weigh in.

I am the odd man out, I dont see it in anything other than his great boxing skills. I;m a complete moron though so you can pretty much disregard anything that ever comes out of my head.

Naz is a little punk... if you've ever met him in person you would want him to lose all the time.

He's the most arrogant prick I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

I was doing summersaults when Barrera whooped his ass & I had a chuckle when the stripped him off his MBE.

Karma is a bitch & Naz is getting his share.

He fought between bantamweight and featherweight. In his peak he weighed 125lbs and at the start of his career he was only 115lbs or so.

He was a gifted boxer, but way too small for MMA.

his power and natural ability would make up for any size disadvantage against MMA light-weights.

I think David Tua is made for MMA.

I would love to see Hamed brutally GnP'd.

Too cocky for my tastes.

If Naz had trained MMA from a younger age, and if MMA had a weight-class for him, he would have been awesome. The guy had tons of power, and very fast reflexes.

If he picked it up now, he wouldn't be that great, as he is too old to start entirely from scratch, especially given that he isn't exactly a gym-rat like Lesnar.

Either way, he's pretty small for 135, and I don't know of anything lower in MMA yet.

Naz was a great athlete, not a great boxer. He had terrible balance and bad fundamentals. He had great power and reflexes though which saved him alot of the time.

"Too cocky for my tastes."

He must have a hell of a cock, then.

Hamed is a seriously arrogant bloke who was protected his entire career, until he fought Barrera. He was almost as vain as PBF and would never have stepped in the cage, in case he got battered.

I was also doing cartwheels when Barrera totally humiliated him. He's shown his true colours too many times in the UK and is deservedly loathed.

Amir Khan would be better, but I'm glad to watch him do his thing in Boxing.