Prince Naseem Hamed

whatever happened to this guy, all of his sites have been down since he has lost to Berrera. Anyone know when he will fight again on HBO?

he fought once since losing to barrera, miguel something? last i heard he was retired in yemen living life comfortably

He's in Sheffield I believe, living off his millions. There are constant rumours of a return, but I doubt it'll ever happen. Even if it did, he'll never make 126 again, and the guys in higher divisions would paste him.

Oh yeah, and I'll add gator's response to save him the bother: -

"Hamed iss till a to p three featherwait in th eworld.he won morer ounds agianst MAB than Tapias did"

naseems downfall, in my eyes, was his own doing. overconfident he was, but he did have legit boxing skills and had been boixing since about the age of 9/10 i believe. his downfall came when he left brendann ingle

he had an outstanding punch, an awkward style,
limited ability to take a punch, and no balls.

his 'limited ability to take a punch' and 'no balls' is based on what exactly?

LMAO at U4EA...great Gator impersonation!

"his 'limited ability to take a punch' and 'no balls' is based on what exactly?"

It's based on other people wanting to discredit everything about him.

His chin is sound, but his balance is aweful. If his chin wasn't good, then there's no way would have seen the midway point of the MAB fight, or got past Kelly.

After the loss to MAB, he had enough balls to admit that MAB had beaten him fair and square.

The truth about Hamed is that he is/was an arrogant prick, but a decent fighter. Massive puncher, unpredictable and reasonably durable. He was protected to a great extent, but did beat some good fighters. However, his flaws and over-confidence sealed his fate against MAB, as it would vs any great fighter.

He was very good, never great. Like Tyson he's great against crap opposition, and crap against great opposition.

He had some skills, would hit people from wierd angles. But lost all confidence after the loss.

And with one severely distended sphincter courtesy of Marco Antonio Barrera.

Love him or hate him he was definately fun to watch. He made a spectacle of himself and his fights and there was always action. Personally I liked him but I can see why many didn't.

he was managed by his Brother. That is always a sign that something is going to go wrong, attitude wise.

No shit man!

His brothers only allowed to fight MAB coz they fought he was damaged goods after fighting EM IMO.

However, the dumbest thing was the fight against Calvo, Hamed's last. Having had his ego damaged against MAB, they decided to feed him a rock-chinned Mexican that it was pretty much guaranteed he would not KO/look good against.

What they should have done is what they did all along - feed him a blown up bantamweight with a decent record who Hamed will KO.

Fighting MAB all but detroyed Hamed's confidence, and the Calvo fight finished him off.

"his downfall came when he left brendann ingle"

i stand by this. money was a big problem and ultimately ruined this once great relationship. when naz left to be managed by his brothers his new trainers totally went against his style and the style he had been learning since entering the gym at 9. career fucking suicide

There was an article on the BBC website suggesting a comeback from Hamed this summer.

The trouble with Hamed was that his ego far bigger than his heart, don't get me wrong you do need an ego but once his ego was damaged he didn't have the heart to get it back. - and never will!

I did enjoy his fights - an entertainer more than a fighter though.

they wanna get him to fight brodie if he beats chi this weekend

I don't believe Hamed will ever make 126 again. He KILLED himself to make it against Calvo, and that was a while ago.

The reason he didn't KO Calvo was that he fecked his hand up in the early rounds.

Doubt we'll see him in the ring again but he did get a lot of british kids interested in boxing. Also raised the interest in the lower weight divisions.

Was more respectful of MAB after the defeat than I expected as well.

Main problem was he throught he was invincible, after he found out he wasn't, game over.

If he has a balance problem after about 40
professional fights and winning a world
championship, he has real problems.

Man made his money...I just hoped he saved and not go MIKE TYSON on his account.