Pringles Can: Decent Antenna?

I was thinking about attaching a leftover Pringle's cans as makeshift antennas to the little dinky antenna that came with my Netgear and maybe to the Linksys AP...

my signal strength sucks and I think that is the reason I can't get WEP to work on my machine... and why all the wireless speeds are so frickin' slow.

which is where I got the idea....

I got a 14db box antenna on Ebay for about $15, you can get kickass cantennas for about that too, might save you some effort.

If I'm not mistaken, a Pringles can is made of paper, not metal.

Yup, the Pringles can works great as a directional antenna; but that won't help your WEP issue.

Have you tried a different wireless card? It would help you narrow down your problem considerably.