Prior needs Tommy John surgery.

At least that's what one paper is reporting. It's amazing to me that he would need the surgery yet is still throwing a ball.

Dusty called the report a lie and poor journalism.

lol i could be wrong but i bet the writer of the article is an idiot. and probably over heard someone saying something to the effect that prior will probably need surgery on his achilles and it's similar to how they do the tommy john surgery.

or something to that effect

sucks for who?

i don't think it sucks i think it's friggin awesome!!!!

C'mon, kempo. Don't you want your team to have to beat the BEST to win the division.

Prior will not need surgery on his elbow or his achilles. Both have been checked out more than once and have no structural damage.

But I'm still nervous.

dude 11 sub.500 seasons

i dont care if we are playing the chicago 11 year old little leaguers i want the pirates in the playoffs

I read last night that Prior's been throwing long-toss to get ready to throw off a mound in a week or two, I have a really difficult time believing he could do that if he need TJ surgery.

He is throwing from flat ground without pain. He'll go to the mound later this week hopefully. Then he just has to build up his stamina.

he threw a few pitches off the mound today

i heard he was going to get traded to the tokyo dragons

mmmh the tokyo dragons they're in a league you've never heard of...kind of like the california pennal league