Priscilla Belfort Report Not True?

Apparently the report of Priscilla Belfort's body being found is not true...........there is a post at sherodg indicating the death report is false.....

i wonder what the hell is really going on............

thinking about Vitor either way. A true warrior and an inspirational fighter.



Yeah i still can't find anything to verify it either.

All internet rumor thus far.


???????????????????????? Well, whats the real story? People shouldn't put stuff up on the board without a good source!

Hear, hear.

The other thread should be deleted at this point.


edited since my previous post came off too defensive

Seriously though it was never my intent to pass that off as anything but a reposting of what someone else posted, in the hopes of trying to find confirmation one way or another. I thought i was very clear about it, and bent over backwards to make it obvious. Since someone isn't clear on it, i have no problem at all with editing the original message to make it even more clear and have done so. Believe me there's no ego at work here, i'm not someone who has a problem with admitting being wrong lol it happens often enough ;-)

I'd delete the thread but honestly there are a lot of people putting forth a lot of well wishes towards the Belfort family that i'd hate to just make disappear, as well as some good links that hackett posted. The best case scenario atm is that she's still missing and hopefully ok.

TTT for the truth!

I'm sure he and his family along with many others close to her are still hoping for the best and would be sickened by a false story (if it is indeed false) like that.

When first reading the original thread I thought it was posted where it came from & was uncertain if true, but still hoping for the best...? It was a respectful thread, & a reminder for good wishes to the family....


"I'm sure he and his family along with many others close to her are still hoping for the best and would be sickened by a false story (if it is indeed false) like that."

I agree 100%.

I can also admit that i probably lacked tact and titled the thread wrongly, it was late but that's really no excuse. I meant nothing but respect by posting it.

My intent was to respectfully re-post what someone had posted in the hopes of finding out if it was true or not. Many people here have many connections all over and usually collectively we can find out if something is BS or not rather quickly. I wasn't the one "reporting" anything, but i did repost the message and thought i made it abundantly clear (as several emails i've now received can attest) that it was not yet confirmed. It was posted to help try and find the truth, since the post i put up is from elsewhere on the web.

If it's being taken as anything but a respectful re-posting and hope for the truth, then i apologise. I have zero problem accepting responsibilty if i'm in the wrong. I had thought that the posts, and well wishes contained within were of greater good than the hastily and poorly chosen title.

Spankenstyne rest assured that this would have been posted here by someone else, you just happened onto the info first. As unfortunate as it may seem, if this is just an Internet rumor at this time, it almost doesn't matter knowing the outcome will probably be similar to what's circulating now. She's never fled mysteriously before, nor were there any known family problems that might have caused her to run away. They say not knowing is worse so making a confirmation one way or the other sure would greatly serve everyone involved.

"It was a respectful thread, & a reminder for good wishes to the family...."

momita, good point.

i've got no issue with your original post spanky....i was merely suggesting an alternative to the story you had read.....



no sweat guys. Just wanted to be perfectly clear before the mob set in ;-)

*flushes toilet with lynch mob going down screaming

Regardless, I still send thoughts and condolence to the Belfort family.