Privacy Re: HD Pron

Does anybody know of a good way (preferably free) to make it more difficult for a girlfriend to find your Porn video folder?

And FYI, the results that have downloads for hiding/locking porn folders are being marked as having malware by Site Advisor.

I tried google before asking, I was just wondering if anybody here had any experience with any of the programs that come up. Also I am really suprised that porno hiders are sources of spyware. Who would have thought that spywarerers would take advantage of the torrenting perverts among us?

thanks bryanand that might work well as she isn't all that computor savy


truecrypt + using hidden files + creative renaming.

making a fake folder under the Windows directory, calling your TrueCrypt encrypted partition somerecognizablename.dll, will generally get people who aren't experienced with computers to leave it alone.

of course, the file will be huge, so anyone with sense will know there aren't 20 gig .dll's

...much less 300 GB. lol @ me

By the way, mine is a *32.DLL file, now that you mention it... But that's just between you and me and the other 92 people that will read this thread.

It's not all pr0n, though. It also houses my newsgroup download directory, DVD workspace, Soulseek share, etc., because I guess I am paranoid. I also have a free space 5220.22-M wipe scheduled every 12 hours at 3 PM and 3 AM.

Truecrypt is a really awesome program. Great encryption, red herring passwords, supports nesting. The fact that it mounts as a drive letter is too damn cool. I don't pretend to know a hell of a lot about security, but as far as I know, you can't really ask for much more.

we are pretty much in agreement.

just make sure you are using the latest version, there was a crypto weakness with older versions.

I made a PGP partition that would require me to enter in the full key when I would access that folder.


Hot swappable drives are your friend

256bit AES encrypted disk volumes on OS X