Private Less. W/ Carlos Newton....

Carlos will be in Vernon for the Shut Up and Fight event and is coming to town on Wed. Dec. 03. He will be offering private lessons at the Okanagan Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

1 person: $80.00 per hour

2 people: $120.00 per hour

If you are interested Carlos will be available from Wed. to Sat. afternoon and i will be booking times for him. Contact Jason Darrah at or call 250-503-2559


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TTT for Canada's pre-eminant MMAist! Go Carlos!

ttt for the ""Ronin""




Carlos rocks. Once he made us do 100 squats for everyone in the room (there was like 8 of us) I thought he was joking. He wasn't. He is very fit, great fighter and IMO a real ambassador for the sport of MMA.

never heard of him ?? is he any good ???

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I am going to get you bad boy.