Private lessons & T-shirts...

Anyone interested in private lessons with myself can do so by contacting me at Also I have t-shirts for sale for $20.00


TTT for the Checker! Canada's first World Class BJJ Black Belt!

ttt for the private lessons!!!!!!

BJJ Black Belt was born in Canada!!!!!!!


Ronin MMA!!!

what kind of t-shirts? whats on them?


A letter logo type of style design. You would have to see it, it's tough to explain.


Mark, can I get some privates if I give you a "Girlfriend can't wrestle" shirt.




I have taken many private lessons with Mark ( I have also done private classes with three other Black Belts ). So I can tell you a couple of things about Mark as a teacher and have a solid basis for comparison. First off, Mark is very patient and professional. He is a very good teacher, and even though I have great difficulty in visualizing moves and sequences he made it easy. His technical knowledge is on a higher level. There is a huge gap between a world class guy like Bocek, then say one good Black Belt instructor from a big name school I took lessons with out in California. This difference is even noticable as a begginer. I also think that Mark offers an understanding of BJJ that for me personally has made it easier to learn and compete. Mark's extensive knowledge of BJJ makes him an obvious choice for higher level guys as well.

I have no knowledge of Mark's t-shirts, allthough I do have many t-shirts and would therefore have a solid basis for comparison.

"I have no knowledge of Mark's t-shirts, allthough I do have many t-shirts and would therefore have a solid basis for comparison."

That joke is so stupid I actually find it funny.

mark is an awesome instructor and always has new cool stuff to show or add to any postition ---he breaks it down really nicely so even i can learn it

If Sexy P can learn it then theres hope for all us mere mortals!!!

On a more serious note, how much would a private cost Mr. Bocek?

For you it would be price less!!!

Portuguese 2002 email Mark at


Thanx Kashk

Hey Mark,

I received the message from Flex (Anthony) and you may call me anytime at home, just drop me an e-mail when you get the chance

I'll send you the number for both my cell and my house. Hope to talk soon.

Take care,


I saw the T-shirt and it looked cool!

Hey Mark,

Congrats on the belt.


Hey Mark,

If you want I can sell some of the t-shirts at the club. Give me a call.

Take Care.

Ben (( Hey Bro.I want one ))

Ronin MMA.