Private lessons...

Would some of you please share your experiences with taking private lessons. Were they good or bad experiences? Did they live up to your expectations? Did the attention affect your game? Thank you for sharing!

Take as many as you can afford. None if you are a working stiff with a family to support. 10 a week if you are an internet millionaire. Their are no negatives to private lessons.


The guy who owned Yankee Candle and sold it for $200,000,000 or something lives the next town over. A couple of weeks ago he brought in a BJJ instructor to teach his son privates.

Royce Gracie.

No I am not making that up.

Remind me to sell my company for that, and soon! :)

I'd be lucky to sell mine for $200

PS I agree with this Take as many as you can afford 100%.

lmao @ JK !!!!!

I agree, if the instructor is good, take them.

I try to take them in clusters whenever I can.  I like to go on a run of like 10.

They can really help open you up to new stuff and fix problems.  I'm a purple belt and while I get a lot out of new stuff I get the most out of correcting/refining what I already 'know'

True story...
I used to take $20 privates from Marc Laimon when he was a blue belt, living on the couch at Beverly Hills JJ.


I've taken privates with a few people. Chris Brennan, Rani Yahya, Vinnie Mahaghales, Russ Miura,and Heath Sims.

Out of all of them Rani completely changed my game. Dont get me wrong all of them were great, but Rani simply taught me a form of BJJ that was just amazing. It's so simple and yet so effective simply because of the weight distribution that he incorporates.

He's so small that all he can use is technique and weight at just the right place. It was definetly worth it because he elevated my BJJ.

Privates are great, as long as you take them serious, dont simply dis-regard the stuff you learn and think I know that! drill it in the week drill drill drill, then next week do the same you will inprove very fast.
I would say that you should train in the class as a white belt till you have amassed enough knowledge to appreciate a private. Privates as a whith belt for me are a waste and only guys with time restrictions or guys who have enough money should do them.
If you have the time and money you should do 1-2 privates and 2-3 classes and if you can have a drill and spar night with a friend, I am telling you if you are serious and you do this in a couple of years you will be the nuts.

Marcelo Garcia is the best private i ever took...most eye opening for sure. When i left i was in shock and felt like i knew NOTHING about grapping and i felt like i didn't even give him a good workout when we rolled live for 20 mins.