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I am a 6 year Combat medic Vet looking into law enforcement careers... But would love to know more about the private sector... Help me out. Thanks.


Are you asking about Contracting or Security Guard jobs? Phone Post

I do armed security. What do you want to know? Phone Post 3.0

I do unarmed security. Easiest money in the world to make, not the most though. Phone Post

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Are you asking about Contracting or Security Guard jobs? Phone Post

Yea I'd listen to this guy, OP

Fuck law enforcement.

PSD and armed security are for schmos, and the international 'market' is dying; think 10-20 yrs ahead broseph.

If you want good consistent money, a future and little chance of becoming brown bread, then you want to start off as a security consultant; start by getting an education, understand what risk is, how to articulate it to professionals and how it affects business managers and thinkers. Consultants are problem solvers, project managers, advisors, communicators, business people and a sought after commodity if you're good (because they're expensive!). Learn how to write advice and communicate it. Proposals, emails, and reports are your friends.

Do a degree in international relations, with some commerce subjects; then do an MBA (doesn't matter where). Languages are good too, and trade tickets like CPP, PSP, CISSP and even anti-money laundering/fraud examination. There's many different types of risk and forms of security, apart from physical security and EP/CPP/PSD work. Bodyguarding is for dodo's.

After consulting for a few years, get on the corporate security manager trip fro MNCs: USD 200k a yr /share/bonus; business class travel, 5 star hotels, little to no line reports, just be the smartest guy in the room and all corporate chicks want to suck your dick because everybody else in the company is a giant Vagine.

You're welcome.

Actually PSD is getting ready to boom again(not that it's dropped off allot). When the US pulls out of Afghanistan next year it's already been estimated that 30,000 Contractors will be needed to fill the void. Also, I've been saying this for a long time, North Africa is going to be the next big thing with regards to jobs in this field. Contracts are starting to build in this area. If you have the right skill set the market is going to be good. Companies have started to get more selective in the screening process(as they should) to keep jackasses that have no business in this field out. Far to much Cowboy bullshit went on in the past so the industry as a whole stepped up on weeding these sumbitches out.

Hey everyone, Ty for the info. I am looking into contracting.

It matters on a few things. The longer you are our of the service the more difficult it is, your MOS(Medic which is a damn good one to have for Contracting) when/if you were in Combat zone.

A few other things come into play but these are big points.