Pro body builders and gear?

Do pro bb'ers deny taking roids? I mean they all do so why not admit it? Is it just accepted? Is this just a tabo issue on the circit? Every single top BB'er is juiced to the gills...kinda seems weird it is cracked down on.

I doubt many deny it. Then again i don't pay attention.


I'm under the impression most lie about it because unfortunately many young males look up to them as role models- a role model saying you need a cornucopia of drugs to look like him isn't going to catch very much good publicity, nor will any supplement company pay a BB that openly admits he takes AAS. In other words, no good would come of it for an athlete or BB to openly admit to using illicit drugs to enhance his physique/performance, it would just damage his career. Can you think of a good reason to "come out of the closet" for a pro athlete/BB ?

A lot admit it, even in interviews. The only time they deny it, when asked straight out, is when they are being tested for a contest.

It might also be to the fact that it's not all that bright to admit to a felony.

A lot deny because they endorse supplements they don't really take.

HERTSWENIP has pretty much said it. JRSFITNESS1 is defiantely correct on that.

Kind of like asking a cleaner if they stole money from people's houses. Even if they did they would never admit to it. Just doesn't make sense for them to do so.


lol @ El Guapo.


thier finally getting to where they hint around it. Ie in one of the mags recently they interviewed Victor ZMartinez and asked why he wasn't doing the Olynpia. His response was that he needed to let his body kinda air out from all the "things we have to do to be pros".