Pro Dril Video By Me (Chock)!!!

Pro Drill By my about chocking  and......

Video addres


Special Thanks to staff  !!!

Dehghani UFC iran

no need for weights...

I continue to be on the delghani bandwagon.

This is Pro drillllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to say..........


Waterbottle ???!!


Chock IMO

is that video at regular speed?

Did anyone "hook up" during the making of this vid?

this techniques help you for good chocking

When is the next UFC Iran event?

Good job Dehghani. Can you show videos of you kicking some ass in competition?

stevel20 : Dear stevel20 is 30 Aguest 2007 in Turkish country 




wow..great stuff!

Turkish people are no good.

Earlier I was a little skeptic about this dude but now I know he is for real. Good job Dehghani!

Kostakio: Dear Kostakio No turkish peopel is very kind

I am definately going to use that drill.Good stuff!!!TTT