pro elite link that WORKS

here, to save you filtering through pages of bullshit - here is the link that works. make sure you are logged in.

Thank you muchly...Worked like a charm.

Not working for me yet.

still loading....have i missed anything yet?

it will take a second to load, just refresh the page.

you havent missed much. 1 fight i think.

did it take you guys here:

yes, make sure you are logged in to the main site first before you paste that link.

it does work, 2nd fight appears to be starting

figeroa vs. cariaso

yeah because i wasnt logged in, but when i did it went right to live/8, or atleast its TRYING to get there. friggin site is so overloaded.

I am logged in and it is still just showing me thead. Your link goes to the sign up page

if its going to the sign up page its not logged in.. possible cookie problem, make sure you tick the box to remember you..



Thanks Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally loaded and now i have a WMV problem LOL.

make sure you tick the box to remember you..

what does that mean

when you are putting in your username & password, there is a tickbox to remember your login details. tick it so you dont have to keep logging in

does n e one have the direct video link so i can play it in my vlc player? the proelite site is just horrible ud think they would have fixed the bandwidth issues by now


Shame they can't make this compatible for Macs

thx bro