Pro Fighter Breeding Pitbulls

I just read this thread on another forum. This makes me sick. What is it with pro athletes today? First Vick then this guy.

"I've started breeding pitbulls to help pay the bills between fights. Honestly, I'm going into this blind, no experience really, so I'm not sure about all the techniques involved. I've got my mom and the kids helping for free until I get the money flowing in. My buddy Wade threw together 20 cheap wire cages for me that are 3x4 and stackable. I lined the bottoms of the cages with newspaper so the droppings don't fall into the cages below. I can squeeze 3 or 4 in each cage so they can mate. How long does a pitbull pregnancy last and how soon after birth are they fertile again?

So anyway, one of the things that I've been wondering about is the noise. How do I keep the barking to a minimum? I don't want the neighbors complaining and calling the cops every night. Also is there a way to speed up the breeding process?

If any of you guys want to buy some hit me up on myspace. Just mention you're from here and I'll hook any Sherdog member up with a fat discount.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Tuggle"

I personally know people that fight in the UFC that breed Pit Bulls.



Whats ur deal w/ Tuggle? It always seems like youre out to get him. Did you watch him fuck your wife or something?


Why did Wade bring all of those small cages up to the gym last night?

Yea, but why do you need the cages?

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March 29, 1980
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Scott Tuggle/Tristan Yunker
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I'm a CLASSY professional mma fighter and boxer
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so what were the cages for?

Why did Wade bring all of those small cages up to the gym last night?"

Obviously this guy is a noob, otherwise he would have heard of the latest craze, MIDGET MMA... Duh. Tuggle shits excellence and has class ooooozzzzing out of his pores. Tuggle is a genius, why wathc 2 average size men go at it, when you can stack 9 cages on top of one another and watch 18 "little people" (lets be P.C.), kick the shit out of one another. Just another example of Tuggle being on the cutting edge imo. TTT for Scott Tuggle, keepin it classy since '05

TTT for Scott "the dog whisperer" Tuggle

What a piece of sh*t. I sure as hell have never heard of this dude so chances are he's trying to live through his dogs just like fat trailer trash moms for their daughters to be cheerleading whores. I'm will to bet he sexual assualts every last one of those dogs in a flurry of sexual frustration. And then we'll have these hella annoying, even more ugly "Tuggle" pitbull babies. Whoever this dude is, he should burn in hell.

people that breed doenst necessarily partake in dog fighting. Nobody would own a dog if people didnt breed. Just becasue its a pitbull is irrelevant. Now if he said He breeds Pitbulls to be killing machines and dogfight than yeah POS

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"to help pay the bills between fights"

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