Pro Fighter Breeding Pitbulls

this thread will get bigger than a saudi hotel.

ONE of Scott Tuggle's girlfriends:

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Scott Tuggle... the Andy Kaufmann of

I'm not trying to jump into the argument but if you seriously care about pitbulls you shouldn't do this.You should never go into the breeding of dogs especially APBTs for extra money.How many bloodlines can you name off the top of your head, if it is less than ten you have'nt done enough research.Although looking up ten bloodlines doesn't make you qualified either.I am not trying to judge you I am just letting you know.Most real pitmen only breed once or twice a year and it is selective breeding.Don't start a puppy mill.

Hillary would kick Tuggles ass! Tuggle's been a bit of a poosy since he came out of the closet...

Plus I got Hillary's back!

Cheers, Maryanne.

"Tuggle likes fat girls."

You say that like thats a bad thing.

You think Scott cares what a couple of dumb broads think? Hilary should be doing her job in the kitchen and making Scott his dinner instead of voicing her opinion!

"You fight at 135 right? I'd put money on me any freaking day of the weak. I would opt for knocking your ass out, but I'll go for the triangle, at least that way you can break your 5 year streak without getting any action."

The funny part about this statement is that it's true. hahaha

So, you "need" to make some spare change but then suddenly you switch flip and you're some big shot pro fighter? This is just proving what a sh*t head you are to fight dogs for fun. You're a piss poor 135 fighter but somehow you think you're Randy Couture on the internet?

Suck my metaphorical dick, you pussy. I may be from Arkansas but I've got more pocket change than you think. When do you want this to happen?

Scott, you couldn't even "tap" one chick at a time. You homo poosy!

Either way, he's intending for them to be sold. Most likely, into fighting. And the conditions are inhumane, although probably similar to what your dead dad and mom fucked in to conceive your fugly ass.

I've got a fight on January 12th, and I don't want to tired my ass out beating yours before then. You name a weekend and front my ticket out there.

Aye, bitch (Countess), I wasn't talking to you. This is between me and Tuggle.

Nah, that part was at Tuggle!

Good luck trying to get a fight out of Tuggle Hillary. He's been ducking me for months...

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Come on, I called him a "homo poosy"! What more can a person do?!

Tuggle is a fat girl.