Pro gamblers on replacement refs


Will the new referees affect how you set the line or your outlooks on any NFL situations or teams?

No, there's really no way to predict the outcome of the games based on the new refs and how they call games.  You really have to just hope for the best and pray that they don't make any big mistakes that cost a team a win.  Over time, there might be some trends that develop around certain referees like in other sports, but hopefully this doesn't last long and the real refs come back soon.

2) Who are the safest bets in football this season?

I think the safest bets have to be the two teams who are favored to make it to the Super Bowl again, the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.  During the regular season, neither team should lose more than three games max, then it becomes all about the playoffs and playing better defense than either of those teams did last year when they ranked at the bottom of the league.  Like last year, both the Patriots and Packers have offenses built to score a lot of points and should be able to cover a lot of games.

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