Pro Judo on ESPN2 with Mike Swain&Neil Adams

Was this a one and done?

Hosted by Mike Swain and Neil Adams,Dr Dre as ring announcer and DJ Skribbles on the turntable. From 1998

I remember this! Great find


I remember watching it back then. Unless you are a judo junkie you wouldn't appreciate the skill involved. Without the top level players/countries participating in an international culture I don't see its appeal. The judo was very dynamic to watch with no shido's/stalling going on.

As close as i can tell,now mind you i'm no usja "black belt", but it appeared to me the chaps were twisting and yanking about in an effort to trip ones opponent. So maybe one can appreciate this locomotion without attaining the total enlightenment of your lofty station

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It was a great idea. Swain got no support for it from the national bodies. 

There was only one event because the production costs were quite high.  For this to have worked they would have needed deeper pockets.

The IJF spends millions of dollars on a  television production that few outside of the sport can understand. Swain made the sport easier for people who don't practice to enjoy it.   Numerical scoring system can be followed. No terminal ippon for throws increases action because you don't have as much risk with attacking.

This type of program would be good for the IJF to finance because it would help the public better understand judo and they could promote the IJF World Tour during the event.

That will never happen with the little barons ruling their organizations like personal fiefdoms,  they like every thing like it is,SNAFU

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Rick Hawn got pawned pretty badly by Jimmy Pedro on this one.

I loved the come-from-behind win that the ex-NFL player had on the Cuban, though.

I remember watching this. Too bad it did not take off.