Pro Mask and Vaccine Dumbos

Most blues states are hovering around 50% vaccinated but let’s keep blaming it on Republican antivaxxers lol.

The path out of this is to quit voting for people like Kamala Harris and AOC you dumb faggot

Path out of this is to get healthy.

You’re on a roll. Keep going. I’m taking notes.

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But how long does that vaccine last?

The Covid vaccine seems to be effective around 6 months or so… and now they are talking about additional boosters, and they don’t yet how many or how often.

So the science in incomplete… yet they want to segregate and almost shame a certain portion of society to get the shot.

The science is also incomplete when it comes to natural immunity.
Many experts are saying that natural immunity should be better… yet they want everyone vaccinated whether they had covid or not.

There is a small percentage of people who have bad reactions to the vaccine, and it’s still very new.

Trying to force people to get the shot is flagrantly unethical on multiple levels.

Then they should explain it that way.

But they are not.
They are trying to shame people into getting it by saying it’s to protect those around you.

And while herd immunity might be unattainable, natural immunity for the individual is likely at least as good as the vaccine.

More studies are needed… so IMO it’s way premature to mandate this thing – especially for healthy adults and children.

That’s not even getting in to the freedom aspect of it.

One of the reasons the CPS Teacher’s Union may strike is because of the vaccine mandate.

We all know what a Republican stronghold Chicago is.

Agreed to frame it that way likely makes sense, and reasonable people could likely debate and negotiate as we are now.
Unfortunately the landscape ultimately gets poisoned with microchips, mutations, genocide…etc.
If the argument remained genuine, it could likely be resolved.

That’s the fringe.

There are plenty of reasonable people who are not against the vaccine, but are against the mandate.

That’s where the majority of the conversation seems to be taking place.

I wouldn’t even bother arguing with someone who thinks their are microchips in it LOL.

I’m worried this may be a bat signal to KidQuick. :wink:

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This is horseshit.

If I build a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out, then I put a mote after that to REALLY build my mosquito defense, and then a guard dog after that to DEFINITELY keep the mosquitos out, I’ve build a layered defense of useless bullshit that makes me feel like I’m doing something, which is exactly what you’ve described.

A COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) particle is 0.125 micrometers/microns
Surgical masks (most popular) aren’t effective at blocking particles smaller than 100 μm.
So a chain link fence would be exponentially more effective at stopping mosquitos than any type of mask outside of a form-fitted N95 on a clean shaven face.

I won’t get much in to the garbage “vaccine” which keeps moving its goal posts, but there is already evidence emerging that it does NOT in fact lessen COVID symptoms, but have to give it a couple of more months before that “conspiracy theory” turns in to reality.

But hey, at least you feel protected.

Well, we the invaded and non mask condom faces know that there is no hard data that is credible by any doctor, scientist, or research group that says the vaccine and masks work.

Just prove it!

I have no problem with any of that but what doesn’t make sense is why are cases numbers worse now than last year at this time?
When we have way more people vaccinated and many more with natural immunity. Something doesn’t add up or their manipulating the data to fit a narrative.
I don’t believe these lockdowns and restrictions will ever end in certain places because covid isn’t going away.

Spot on. How more people don’t understand this is scary. This whole thing has made me realize how stupid or how easily manipulated the average person is. No one has critical thinking anymore they will believe and do what they are told.

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