Pro MMA shows outside Cali

In the last year or so mostly due to amateur mma being legalized here in California, it is getting very difficult to find Pro shows for many of our pro fighters. We have a team of about 15 guys of all levels and I am having a hell of a time getting them fights here lately.

Can anyone here get me some contact info to promoters outside California that will bring in guys from outside? I know most small shows won't pay much travel and such, but we can deal with that when it comes up.

So if you are or know any promoters who are willing to work with me and our guys, please post here or PM me.


Ian Harris

PKG Training Center, Los Angeles

 Wow. Really? No one knows of any shows outside California?

Any help would be great.



Ohio through the most shows of any state last year, check out these two. email greg email Dan Bobbish or Ron


I've been trying to find fights in Cali but haven't gotten anywhere. Phone Post

Ian, have you tried our show, Long Beach Fight Night?

RITC in Arizona.

Rolando Sarria.


Long trip but Louisiana puts on quite a few shows but having the same problem now. A lot amateur shows. Phone Post

I know lots of east coast shows, but I tdont think that helps you.