Pro openings in New Orleans 8/19

Renaissance MMA will be back in Harrah's casino on Aug 19th in New Orleans.

Will have pro openings.Fighters must be at least 21 years of age and have VALID picture ID , hep B&C,HIV blood work and within driving distance of New Orleans.

Travel and 2 nights in hotel along with purse.Casino and hotel are walking distance from French Quarter.

Will also have am openings should any training partners want to compete.

If interested drop me a line at


--------135/145 belt---------

Passing this information on to some guys here.

145 belt holder is Marlon Moraes from The Armory.Have not put up the pro 135 belt yet.



 Ill reply to email in a couple days when i can check schedule and available guys



Sending email right now.


Im 170 pro 1-1, email me at

Rematch of Maumoco and PINKsinglet

would love to see Scott "the BEAR" Barrett fight back in new orleans

We have had Scott a few times.Really good fighter.

May have a fight for Maumoco at 145 .I'll give him a call.

wouldnt mind seeing warren donley fight again

You never know...


Yeah, get Big John Brown on the card!!

Spoke to a couple guys last night that are interested. Will send an email later today.

 What weights do you need?

 I need a fight