pro sambo videos for download

I think sambosteve posted the link to the pro sambo website on his forum. They have available for download three events link

They are broken down into 3-5 min segments about 30 megs each the website is in russian just click on the blue links and save as.

I havent watched the whole thing yet but it looks very professional with russian cheerleaders in booty shorts :), singers , dancers , and fans waving flags of their favorite teams.It looks like someone put alot of money into this. It has both traditional sambo matches and combat sambo matches.

Some cool things I've noticed browsing through

on the second event during the intro they show clips of the native style that that influenced sambo

also on the second event competing in a combat sambo match is UFC vet Andre Semenov. I could be wrong but i swear its him ............... enjoy

Yes, I did post that. Probelm is I don't have the right codec to watch the vids! Driving me nuts. Gotta fix that. The  vids are Club Dynamo vs Club Chetra.

Championship Results:

Sport Sambo
62KG: M. Sinamov "Chetra" defeats V. Leontiev "Dinamo" 1:0
74KG: D. Muhin "Chetra" defeats V. Savinov 2:1
90KG: R. Rahmatullin "Chetra" defeats A. Haritonov "Dinamo" 3:2
Akk around: M. Hasanov "Chetra" defeats D. Maksimov "Dinamo" 5:2

Combat Sambo
68KG: B. Erdyneev "Chetra" defeats A. Temirhanov "DInamo" 2:0
82KG: A. Gagarin "Chetra" draws A. Semenov "Dinamo" 2:2
90KG: S. Hramov "Chetra" faces V. Pliev "Dinamo" No result posted
All around: H. Blagoz "Chetra" defeats A. Garkushenko "Dinamo" 5:3


Steve you need to download gspot

It will tell you what codec you need and install

Is this the yellow vs the white?

Steve, try to open it in real player....thats what i did and it said it couldnt play it and it had to check for an automatic update, after that it played.

Thanks guys!


also on the second event competing in a combat sambo match is UFC vet Andre Semenov

You are correct. It is him. Vlad Koulikov confirmed that with me yesterday.