Pro training in Melbourne

Hey I'm actually trying to get some "market research".
I'm looking to open a Personal training studio/martial arts gym on Chapel street in Prahran.

The facility will be 440sq ft, with a view to covering all aspect of pro training, including strength and condition and technique.

In brief I'm looking for expressions of interest from both trainers and fighters interested in using these facilities.

More information will be supplied to those who contact.

Please send all questions and expressions of interest to




I would be interested in Working/training there.. i am a
certifed P.T. and train mma and bjj ....and i live a block away

I checked out the potential venue with Ross last night. It is 440 sq METRES - read HUGE!

This will be a big opportunity for trainers and fighters. Get in touch with Ross now.

Cheers, Adam.

Hey dbkauai,

shoot me through an email mate and I'll get in touch. I'm moving fast on this thing and have already got a few people keen to get on board.

As Adam said the facility is huge, and this is going to be a great oportunity for fighters and trainers. In brief I want to put together a fight team and start doing my part toward producing some top notch MMA talent.

However it will be open for everyone to train at, also looking to link up with promoters and other teams to provide accomodation and training facilities for out of state / international fighters needing to there final prep.

everyone and anyone shoot me through an email.



So is gonna be DEBEAN, WILL-MACHADO or ExtremeBJJ affiliated? ;)


^^^ it'll only be ExtremeBJJ if you make regular appearence's and run training seminars :D

Who's DEBEAN? you dumb fuck ..... thats just a direct copy of your comment Justin RE Traven you idiot!

But that aside... Melbourne is the heart land of BJJ in Australia, regardless of affiliation, there would be no shortage of suitable instructors to utilise down there.

"^^^ it'll only be ExtremeBJJ if you make regular appearence's and run training seminars :D "

Happy Wanderer - what do you mean by that?

If justin is running trg ;)

Time for an update...

We are now looking at a bigger venue with room for a full size ring and a full size cage. Things are moving fast, so hopefully we will have some more info for you all soon.

Regarding affiliation: our aim is to keep this place as politics-free as possible. No decisions yet.

Cheers, Adam.

PS - dalfest, I will be using my secret ninja death pinch when next we meet.