Pro Wrestlers in MMA??

I know that many of you would rather not see ANY pro wrestlers in MMA, but I enjoy some of the japanese "freak show" matches along with legitimate fighters like Randy, Fedor, and the rest of our favorites. My question is which pro wrestlers would you like to see compete in real (no works) MMA matches? It sounds like vader is coming to pride, and I know we can do better than that. The "Predator" apparently made an impressive showing at the K-1 new Year's show, which shows that some of them could possibly compete. don't pick MMA fighters that later went into pro wrestling. My picks are:
1. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar (for obvious reasons)
2. The Undertaker (he has pulled out some submission moves in his worked matches, and seems to be a legitimately tough guy even though he is getting old)
3. Goldberg (this one I want to see just to watch him get his ass kicked, as he has for quite some time now tried to pass off an image as a shootfighter without anything to back up his claims)
4. Hulk Hogan (just for the spectacle, although we know this one is about as likely as a Rickson and tyson matchup)
5.Zandig (from CZW-his ability to withstand insane bumps and incredibly painful stunts make him at least an interseting contender)
your picks?

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Pro Wrestlers I'd like to see compete in MMA:

Ken Shamrock
Gary Goodridge
Don Frye
Dan Severn
Kazushi Sakuraba
Mark Coleman

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kkm! you are a stupid fuck! the undertaker??? bwhaaaaaaaa what about giant silva??? oh yea heath beat his ass!

looking for results for friday night fights


Fuck off, shootfightermike. I would think in your monumental 5000+ posts you might at least learn how to spell "yeah" right by now.

george "the animal" steele vs moondogg spott

Japanese pro-wrestlers would wreck our Pro-wrestlers.

Sakuraba. 'nuff said.

are you eric esch? yea you are arent you kkm!?

EVILYOSHIDA- you may have a point for the most part, but I'm not sure even sak could take Angle or Lesnar.
drunkbob-I agree with you on ole. He was one tough bastard in his prime.
shootfightermike-don't know who eric is, but happy to satisfy your urge to feel special by continuing to call people KKM...still working on the correct spelling of "yeah", I see..

I always thought Dean Malenko would have been cool to see in his younger days.

Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Lesnar, Angle or Brett Hart

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you seem to be really hot for this eric esch person, but Adam can confirm that I am not him, and he has more posts than almost anyone I have seen here. that's all I have to say on this.
sncgroov-I forgot about malenko and benoit/both would have been good to see a few years ago before all of the injuries. As for hart, he's too badly damaged to even work any more wrestling matches, but was agreat athlete in his time. those are good choices.

no wrestlers (pro) could do shit in ufc or pride!
i anm a huge pro wrestling fan and know this!
tito ortiz would wipe the mat with angle for breakfast, hav lesnar 4 lunch , and finish off with the big show all in on e night!

The four horsemen.

Bob Backlund

MMA Pro-wrestlers:

Caol Uno, Mark Coleman, Akira Shoji, Bas Rutten, Kevin Randleman, Kazushi Sakuraba, Daijiro Matsui, Don Frye, Shannon Ritch, Alexander Otsuka, Josh Barnett, Renzo Gracie, Enson Inoue, Nobuhiko Takada, Tokimitsu Ishizawa and MANY more.