Pro Wrestlers Max Lifts?

Anyone have any information on max lifts by Pro Wrestlers? I've heard John Cena can squat a ton and HHH can probably bench alot...

Just wondering if anyone has the numbers...

Tank apparently out-benched Scott Steiner easily. He snickered at his flexing, and they decided to see who could bench press more.

In a clip they showed before wrestlemania, Cena was talking about his training and how excited he was when he finally deadlifted 650.

I have a picture of Cena shoulder shrugging 7 plates on each side when he was TWENTY YEARS OLD. Fricken unreal.

I'm nowhere near the size of Cena and I can deadlift 500. We had guys in high school, who were natural and on the football team, that could deadlift that.

Damn, that enough to post on the UG and almost enough for the OG.