Pro Wrestling hurts

Not a troll job. Last night after we got done with the club I went back to a wrestling school to hang out with some people. And I was mildly schnitzled. But I got to get up in the ring and do some bumps and run the rops a little.

I woke up today the sorest I have been in a very long time. Ive never been this sore even after a training session getting ready for a fight.

I used to do Hapkido so I am well used to break falls and stuff, but doing bumps on the mats landing shoulders flat and then running against the ropes hurts like a bitch after a while. I know we give pro wrestling lots of shit on here....but I just wanted to say that Im sore as shit and that stuff hurts.

I've tried both and MMA is much easier on your body than pro wrestling. That's why there are so many pro wrestlers in Japan that decide to compete in MMA instead.

People don't respect the beating your body takes doing pro wrestling. The mat isn't a trampoline or something. The rings are usually pretty stiff.

i thought the ropes were much more unforgiving than the mat.

doing top rope flips and elbow drops is fun as hell tho

you get more injuries doing fake fighting than real fighting.

that is kinda true

Yeah, I was practicing some super sweet ninja moves the other day and broke my coccyx.

I have a lot of respect for pro wrestlers. I did some pro wrestling for a while and its seriously some of the funnest stuff you'll ever try. Yet, it is taxing on your body.

I wrestled in the indies for three years (2000-2003) and I miss it everyday until I think about how messed up my body was after every workout and every match.

I loved the crowds though and the kids wanting your pics after....... and the geeky fat girl goupies (sometimes I got drunk and loved them a bit to much)

Yeah, I don't have any problem with wrastling. I just have a problem with the fans who think it's totally unscripted. I live in the Pro Wrastling capitol of the entire world.

I'm sure it hurts. Still ghey. I know a few cool ass pro wrasslers though. Those guys party hard!

Does anybody know how pro wrestlers take those chair shots to the head? There must be some technique to minimize the impact, but thats gotta hurt big time. You can see the impact on some of those shots is damn hard. Bret Hart did get a concussion once from those, but it doesnt seem like that happens too often.

Tough SOB's thats for sure.

While they are not fighters by any stretch they are definitely atheletes. I'd also classify them as professional stuntmen as I'm sure a lot of the stuff they have to go through in training and matches hurts like hell.

There is no technique to taking a chair shot. They are not "rigged" chairs or anything. They are the same ones you purchase from Office Depot or Walmart. As a matter of fact, I have about a three inch scar on the top of my head from a chair shot.

You can put your hands up to take the shot but it looks like shit and the crowd hates it.

Love hurts.

Shit happens.

Crack kills.

Back bodydrops are the best for loosening up the bones in your back. And whoever said these guys can't really fight...try talking smack to one sometime and find out.

No freakin way man. I'd be to scared I'd have to arm bar one of them ;)