Probably belongs in the Clown World thread but this was too funny!


This is layered in so much humor. Mexico doesn’t want Californian’s either. White people flooding Mexico like they’re flooding the USA. What goes around comes around.

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mexico has laws tht non citizens cant own land at the coast

Gentrifying other countries now. Modern day colonialism.

LOL! We’re the “plague”

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Welcome to biden’s America. Where Americans escape to Mexico.


Mexicans better shape up and roll out the welcome mats.

Native Americans were also xenophobic bigots who refused to embrace progress and multiculturalism by not giving white people a voice in their nation, and had to have their privilege checked. Same can happen to Mexicans.

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holy fuck. what commie indoctrination camp did you crawl out of.

this country has been a melting pot forever. the countries strentght in its ethos that merit is what rules the day. not giving someone a job based on the color of their skin

lmao at thinking whites are multicultural

a Quaker, a baptist, a Pole, a Aussy, etc all have different cultures…or does white peoples culture not count or do you think all white people are just a monolithic block and not distinguishable ?

Mexicans are “Native Americans”.