Probably had this thread 80000 times here

But what's the best gi out there, taking into account price and quality? Thanks :)

Also, if I'm just starting out with gi grappling, do I buy a white belt too? Any protocol with that?

Is 80 low for the price? I figure online I'd be able to find a better deal than in a club...gear just prices out better from a warehouse, usually.

80 is not that low. if it is a questionable gi, pay another 40 for a quality gi.

for you my fren, it's the lucky gi

Mencken - Also, if I'm just starting out with gi grappling, do I buy a white belt too? Any protocol with that?

As far "buying" a whitebelt... NEVER do that --unless you want the BJJ police to do a thread about you.

You need to go through a formal "belting ceremony" where your instructor awards you your belt and gives you a Portuguese nickname. Some schools also do things like give you a symbolic "beating" with an Acai gourd.

Your instructor should have explained all this to you.

Welcome to the forum Ari. I wish you the best of luck on your new journey!

I've not actually joined the club yet. I have a pretty serious time commitment elsewhere until the end of July, so I'll be joining after. I just figured if I'd be ordering online, it'd take a bit to get to me, and so now is better than later.

So how do I roll if I have no belt?

I have a Atama A4 gold weave which I got for 135 shipped and I love it. Was looking for another gi and ordered a Lucky...the A4 right away was to small (inch shorter in the sleeves), so I got the A5. The A5 has shurnk like a judo gi and its sad cause I like the hybrid weave alot.

I just got a Spartan gi and tell you what for the cost I am happy as can be. It was far less then the Lucky, same weave and its a far better gi. The color on the lucky bleeded everywhere the Spartan didn't. The Spartan actually dryed faster too. Check them out for a low cost gi.

You can get HCK singles for an affordable price.

Personally I am getting the unbleached ones but a lot of guys hate them.

Is there anything about hte color that matters? Does blue/black/red/white/whatever indicate anything in particular? Or is it totally personal preference, and there's no stigma/statement from a color?

Why do lots of guys hate unbleached ones?

Also, any tips on what size to look for with the gi? How should I gauge sleeve length and all that?

are you trolling?

No, I'm not. I've rolled about four years now, but never had anything to do with a gi before.

Judo Scott - Welcome to the forum Ari. I wish you the best of luck on your new journey!

lol, was this to me? I just re-read it, and maybe Ari means something other than a Jewish first name, haha. I just figured you were talking to someone else. If it was to me, thanks, haha

just get a white gi man.

That was my default plan. Do the colors actually mean anything?

yeah man the colors matter, just get a white gi, maybe blue, but no other colors unless you want to look like a douche.

As far as colors go I prefer white and blue only since a lot of places that all your allowed to wear. Unbleached looks a bit like kahkis I like them because I am cheap.

Most people I know feel black gi's are for instructors. At any rate call the gym your joining and ask them.

Judo is definitely picky, if you are not a competitor, you should only be wearing a white gi.

you should really only be wearing a white gi if you are just beginning in BJJ as well, just my opinion.

in any case, if you go with white you won't have to check with anybody if it's ok.