Problem w BJJers is......

they dont set up their takedowns they just do the bum rush in.Now Im no pro fighter but if i was fighting a Gracie id expect them to do then ole rush in head down and knee em just like Gomi did.For whatever reason many BJJers dont like wrestling and dont set up their shots.


Im not trying to rip on BJJers I take BJJ and enjoy the art as much as I do wrestling.If the fights gunna go to ground ya gotta get it there.If ur gunna use a takedown u best set it up or its gunna be knee to the head every time

Statement is correct if you add the word "many" to problem with. Arona is very good at takedowns along with several other BJJ specialists. Many are, however, not good at takedowns.

I practice BJJ to supplement my boxing skills,boxing being my primary fighting style, as I've been doing it for 15 years. I never want to go to the ground so i don't try to take my guy down I want him to stand with me. My BJJ is in case the guy should take me down.

true Arona has good takedowns and a lot of guys on his team do and its because they practice and im sure also practice setups and LIVE standup grappling instead of starting from knees.A fight or even a BJJ match doesnt start on knees to me its not reality

I completely agree.

for whatever reason a lot of BJJers dont like wrestlers or wrestling and it hurts their game big time

Gholar was/is helping top team and it definitely shows

With MMA, you could make the statement "Problem with -------- is" about any of the styles (MT, Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling, etc). They all have something to offer with weaknesses in each one. When combined effectively, very devastating.

*I know I'm Captain Obvious, but what the hell*