Problem with pit boss

About a month ago was going to grill up some steaks when a friend stopped buy out of no where. hadn’t seen or talked to her in 6 months. Long story short we fucked for awhile and I forgot about my grill. It was outside and on. It poured rain on my grill and now it does not work. It still turns on and I can hear the fan spin but no pellets or flame. Please help! I know the rules but I don’t know how to add a pic. She Dominican and hot as fuck

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If it turns on but doesn't feed, mOst likely the auger 

Make sure the fire pot is clear and there is nothing around the igniter, make sure no water got into the pellet hopper. If it did then there is probably a pile of mush pellets at the bottom that may be clogging the auger.

Does your’s have a prime button? Basically just do the same exact process as your initial firing when you bought it, if still not working, you can use a gel fire starter on a small pile of pellets in the chamber and it should kick it on.

See page 15-17

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Probably need to clean the fire pot and prime the pellets. Also the rain may have turned the pellets into mush and they hardened in the auger. 

Can't believe no one has mentioned it but check the auger

Have you checked the auger?

Might be the auger 

Probably the auger! 

Just in case

Oh man after you were done bending her over a barrel and showing her the 50 states I would have checked the fucking auger!

I cleaned out the grill. The flame box is clear. The auger do not spin. I’ll definitely check the pellets 

pics of her for Advice

It's probably the controller itself. I don't have a pitboss but in the end, these pellet smokers all work the same way. I had something similar happen to me, except without vagina part. I had did a long smoke and put it on cool down, my old controller had a on/off switch that would technically keep the smoker "on" till i turned it off manually even after cool down. It would stay powered but with no activity. That day i forgot about it, and left it uncovered and it rained. The next week i went out and saw i had left it on and nothing worked. Granted mine didn't even turn on but it ended up just being a new controller. Got one off amazon, aftermarket, for $80 and it now works even better. 

The controller is basically the brain for everything, I highly doubt the water did something to mess the auger motor or the rod. Odds are it damaged something on the controller itself. The good news iit's a pretty easy fix.  

Just order a new controller if you clean everything out and it sitll isn't spinning. The pellets do swell up if they get wet, and they pretty much turn into cement. I had left pellets in mine over winter once and they swelled and basically turned into rock. i had to pull everything apart and chip away at the pellets. 

1. Make sure the auger is clear and the pellets are not swelled causing the auger to stick. 

2. Throw some pellets manually into the firebox to see if they heat up. If you don't see them heating up either, the odds that the auger AND the hotrod stopped working is very low and probably don't need to be replaced. It's probably the controller. 

3. Go on amazon or order from pitboss a new controller..odds are it's that. 

Personally,  the factory contoller left much to be desired, so the aftermarket one was a bit better. It had more controls for doing the p setttings on the fly, it also as a auto off feature with cool down timer which is nice. I'm sure they make aftermarket ones that are for pitboss too. A lot of them are even universal because pellet smoekrs pretty much all work the same. It's like 8 wires that clip in and the thermostat that reads the temp inside to adjust pellet feeding on the fly.  I noticed better temp swings with the after market one too which was nice. Held temp much better. 

What model do you have? 

Something something auger