Problem with Sony Cybershot DSC-N1

Got a problem with transferring video files from my pc back to the camera to watch them on the camera and it's driving me nuts. Every site I've gone to says that the N1 takes vids in Mpeg1 format. So I have created WMV's in Windows movie maker and then converted them to MPEG1's and it is still not working. If I hook the camera up to my PC I can see that the file is in the cam, however the readout on the screen of the cam when I select the file is blue and says "File error". I thought at fist that perhaps the files need to have the same naming convention as the other files for vids on the camera (which is MOV0XXXX when X=a #) and this still does not help. Can someone please walk me through converting a WMV to an MPEG1 and putting it on my cam to watch before this Sony 8.1 MP camera finds itself getting tossed into a wall? Thanks. I will also post this on the OG.