Problem with Sony PSP - vid


A more-spectacular alleged problem was the so-called "Master of the Flying UMD Guillotine Trick." According to reports--one of which even featured video evidence--if you twist the PSP a certain way, the UMD drive opens, causing the disc to come flying out like a throwing star. As to the flying-disc glitch, we were brave enough to use one of our precious PSP units to test the theory. We stabilized the unit with our left hand, turned forward ever so slightly with our right and--SHAZAM!--out the disc popped.


Solution: don't twist your PSP in a certain way.

What a piece of shit.

Wow, what fine craftsmanship.

Link to save

"more proof that the xbox sucks."

its made by Sony...

lol @ the "more proof" comment.

Well that version of PSP is released for japan. Ninjas are plenty there so they just want to sell the system to them. Ninja playing PSP all inocently like, then twists his PSP a certain way. Deadly game cd ebeded in enemy skull. Just wait. In a few weeks the "ninja" edition games will hit the shelf. They come etched on a shuriken, to take advantage of this feature.

Graphics looked great, buggs will be worked out before it gets to the US.

LOL @ armbreaker

Why would you 'twist' it like that?

Not saying it should be overlooked but I reckon I could own the thing for 10 years and never put stresses on it like that.